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This is great..

This is my first post on a community, but this one inspires the change.

I first saw Califone with very little idea of their sound. The Sea and Cake headlining at John Henry Theater in LA, Califone opening. My friend and I were impressed, but it didn't really stick. Started listenening to Roomsound on a near-daily basis a month after that, and noticed that they were playing a show in San Diego (with Brokeback, no less) over the July 4th weekend. Details of the show with TSAC coalesced into my active memory, and my impression returned: these guys are making incredible music. It's all in the details.

That next live show blew me away. I'm hooked. Saw them again in LA at the Troubadour. The bassist was missing, but they still played a great show, with some hints of Heron King Blues.

I feel the need to espouse these guys everywhere I go. Michigan Girls reels them in.
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